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4 Ideal Places in Your Home for High-Quality Synthetic Grass Installation


Adding a home putting green to your yard is an excellent investment not only for golf enthusiasts but also for homeowners who want to maximize their outdoor space. Once you’ve finally decided to go with high-quality synthetic grass installation, the next step is to determine where you want to place it. Get inspired by these four popular ideas for putting green placement!

Top 4 Places for Home Putting Greens

Artificial putting greens don’t just liven up gatherings with a fun activity that everyone can share. They also upgrade property value and add beauty to your lawn. Synthetic courses also offer a great way for golf fans to practice their swings without constantly going to the range and paying for tee time.

While artificial putting greens are definitely a fantastic investment, you have to be mindful about where to place them. The area should be easily accessible, yet with enough distance to not overwhelm the whole space. These are four of the top choices among homeowners:

  1. Backyards

The backyard is the most traditional location for synthetic greens. No matter the size of your lawn, installers can customize an artificial putting green grass installation to fit your requirements. Go for a one-hole strip for smaller yards. Invest in a course with varied terrains and multiple holes for larger lawns. You can also add features such as sand traps, fringes, and tee boxes to up the challenge.

  1. Rooftops

A less conventional location for putting greens is the rooftop. If you’ve got some unused space in this part of your home, consider converting it into a playing course. Protect balls from getting lost by installing tall netting around the place. You can also go for a mini-golf putting course to give everyone hours of pure fun.

  1. Home Offices

Get work done while honing your chipping and putting skills! Home offices are a popular choice for installing putting greens because they can help you relax in between tasks. The setup is also a great ice breaker or bonding moment during casual meetings.

  1. Basement or Recreation Rooms

Expand your entertainment room with the best Miami, FL artificial turf. Aside from adding a putting green to your activity area, it also provides a softer surface to walk on. Synthetic grass also helps create safer recreation areas due to its non-slip material that also helps cushion trips and falls.

Upgrade Your Home with a Unique Putting Green!

After your putting green is installed, get ready for many years’ worth of synthetic turf benefits. These advantages include:

  • A low-maintenance green
  • Realistic play surface
  • Lifelike looks and feel
  • Green, vibrant turf all year long
  • Long service life
  • Tough, durable, and resilient

Finally, the key to getting all these benefits is who you choose for your high-quality synthetic grass installation. Look for experienced installers in Miami who have vast experience working with artificial turf. Research the quality of the products they offer and take a look at their past projects. Once you’ve made your choice, get the ball rolling and call them more great ideas today!