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5 Pet-Friendly Ways to Upgrade Your Place with Modern Home Décor

Fur on fabrics, scratched up furniture, and chewed up slippers are only some of the things that pet owners contend with daily. It’s no wonder most no longer put much thought on their home’s interior design. You don’t have to be one of them. With clever furnishing tricks, you can embellish your home with modern home décor without putting your pet or your furniture at risk.

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Achieving a Stylish, Pet-Friendly Space

Having pets shouldn’t keep you from having a beautiful home. Level up your space’s aesthetics with these tips:

  1. Be selective of your fabrics.

For fur-free upholstery, steer clear of chenille, velvet, corduroy, and other materials that gather pet hair. Avoid fragile fabrics like silk, linen, and wool as well. Stick to furnishings with durable, quality textiles that can endure the test of claws.

  1. Invest in multi-functional pieces.

Don’t get décor only for its aesthetic value. Go for furnishings that boast several functions. It will reduce the number of furnishings in a room, giving your four-legged friend more space to explore and making it easier to achieve a modern aesthetic. Visit contemporary furniture stores in Los Angeles and explore their wide selections of multi-functional furniture and décor.

  1. Replace woven sets with metal furniture

Furnishings with exposed rattan, wicker, and sisal make great teething toys and scratching posts. Swap them out for chrome and metal furniture. Not only will they enhance your space’s modern look, but they’ll also have potential teethers and scratches searching for another toy.

  1. Keep pet essentials out of sight.

Achieving a modern, pet-friendly design is all about keeping the space neat and maximized. Don’t leave food bowls and chew toys in plain sight. Allot storage space for them. To hide food bowls, you can slide them underneath your kitchen cabinetry when they’re not in use. You can also repurpose one of the lower cabinets or drawers to hold them permanently. For your pet’s toys, invest in furniture that has hidden storage compartments.

  1. Choose synthetic flora.

Some types of flowers and indoor plants are dangerous to pets. To avoid the risk, decorate your home with synthetic greeneries. Don’t worry about getting something that looks fake. Modern furniture stores in LA offer a wide array of realistic blooms that look like they came straight from a botanical garden.

Decorating for Pet Owners: Other Things to Remember

Planning is key when it comes to making pet-friendly home improvement. Before you go to modern furniture stores in Los Angeles, you need to set your budget, establish what you want for your space, and consider how your pet affects your design options.  Keep these in mind when you plan your home upgrades.

  • Minimize mishaps – Arrange your furniture and décor in ways that reduce the risks of accidents. If you have a dog, keep important items in high places. If you have a cat, secure your valuables in closed or lidded storage units.
  • Avoid fragile décor – Pets and breakable items don’t mix. One swat of a cat’s paw or bat of a dog’s tail and you’ll be cleaning up glass shards and broken china from the floor.
  • Keep it simple – Less is always more when it comes to modern interior design—more so with pet-friendly modern interior design!

Whether your pet-friendly updates cover only one of your rooms or your entire home, it’s best to get modern home décor from trusted modern furniture stores in LA. Visit one today and take a step closer to making your space a stylish pet paradise!