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DIY Buying Guide: 5 Considerations for the Best Putting Greens and Lawns

Detail of a piece of artificial grass

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, installing the best putting greens and synthetic yards can be a great project. However, artificial grass is both a significant landscape renovation and investment. Each phase should be done carefully and with ample preparation. This is crucial to prevent any mistake that can affect the function and aesthetic of your new putting green. The project begins by purchasing the right type of artificial grass, which you can determine using these five considerations.

5 Considerations When Buying Artificial Grass

Before ordering backyard turf or putting green grass, you must consider several elements. The following will impact every aspect of your new lawn and should guide your turf choice:

  1. Lawn Traffic

Different types of synthetic turf can handle different levels of foot traffic. Therefore, think about how your lawn will be used. Will your kids and pets be running all over the yard? Will you be driving scooters, carts, or strollers all over the turf? How often will these activities be? The best putting greens and lawn turf will be able to withstand the average amount of traffic your lawn receives.

  1. Quality

When it comes to quality, look for several elements. One, premium turf will look like real grass. It comes in different shades of green without looking like plastic. In addition, look for turf made of top materials like polypropylene or polyamide.

  1. Pile Height

This pertains to the length of the turf blades. The ideal pile height for the best artificial turf is 15-40mm. Take note that those with the longest blades are not necessarily the most preferable. The taller the pile is, the most likely it is to be bent, so it gets flat more easily. To keep the blades upright, the turf must be regularly brushed.

  1. Turf Density

This measures the amount of fiber per square unit of the turf. The more yarn content a putting green has, the denser it is. If you want your lawn to look as lush as natural grass, you should choose turf with higher density. Such turfs are also more durable and are therefore suitable for high lawn traffic. Just a word of caution, the denser the turf is, the heavier it is, so prepare for the installation to take more effort.

  1. Infill    

Infills are the sand-like particles typically made of acrylic or rubber crumbs. These are placed in between the blades to make the turf look full. There are also variants that use anti-microbial particles for the infill, which is ideal if you have pets that will urinate on the grass. Infill also provides cushioning for turf.

Ready to Buy the Best Turf?

Once you have considered all these, you can finally get the best artificial turf in San Jose. Shopping for putting greens will be a lot easier if you choose a reliable company. This type of company offers a wide range of options–turfs of different sizes, pile height, density, color, and prices. Finally, they will also help you understand the whole process, from purchase to installation and aftercare.