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Exciting Innovations in CCTV in West Palm Beach are Making Home Security Systems Better than Ever

Not too long ago, a CCTV in West Palm Beach had a limited scope when it came to security. With major advances in technology, things changed for the better. More advanced anti-burglary systems have been developed, giving better security control. Such innovations have served security solutions extremely well.

If you haven’t thought about getting home CCTV, fearing it might cost you lots, now’s a perfect time to reconsider. The lure of the CCTV innovations is reason enough for you to secure your house.

Key CCTV Innovations

Here are just a couple of innovations that have enhanced and revolutionized home security systems.

  • Facial recognition
    The use of facial recognition in surveillance technology has made it easier to identify people. The homeowner can enter their own picture in the system, making them more recognizable to the system. Not only will it benefit homeowners like you, but your police district as well. The police can connect the image to their “most wanted database,” making it easier for them to get criminals on the loose.
  • 360 View surveillance
    Majority of cameras employ the 130 degree views, from which you are able to see a room fully from a corner. If you want true surveillance that is cutting edge, get the 360 degree view.

    Getting a 360 view for your surveillance cameras greatly enhances the view on them, and allows you more mobility compared to a cornered camera.

  • Night visibility
    Because of night vision capabilities, surveillance cameras are now more effective than imagined. Night vision enabled cameras have been engineered as resistant to weather because of moisture resistant exteriors.

    While home attacks can happen at any time, they can occur especially during the night. With the homeowner likely to come home after dark, having a night vision-capable CCTV is more important than ever.

  • Incorporation of CCTV views on  smartphones
    One of the best things to happen to CCTV is getting access to surveillance systems via your smartphone. This innovation has particularly been beneficial for homeowners, as they can now access a multi-view camera display of their home when outside. You can also freely maneuver these cameras via your phone, giving you no excuse to be unmindful of your home.
  • Voice command recognition and transmission
    Speaking of maneuvering, it becomes easier because of voice recognition. Before, talking to your pet dog via the CCTV was an illusion. Thanks to new technology, you can now tell them off if they do something naughty. Also, you can now a CCTV system hands-free. This feature is particularly useful if you’re driving and could not access the buttons on the phone.

CCTV Options Give You Enhanced Security

If you had doubts before that a remotely controlled CCTV system would work, you should not have any now. With the multiple innovations to home security, a centralized CCTV system is more effective than ever.  This is encouraging news, especially in these times of uncertainty. Scour on burglar alarm companies near me, and find a security system that works for you.