Grow Your Business with Synthetic Landscapes and Putting Green in Portland

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Today’s businesses need something special to attract new clients and keep them coming back for more. If your establishment is missing the “It” factor, consider installing a putting green in Portland or sprucing up your grounds with a synthetic landscape. Both work for any business, from event venues to restaurants, daycares, shopping centers, and more. Shine a spotlight on your business, indulge your customers, and generate more profit with artificial grass!

Businesses Can’t Afford the Hassle of Natural Grass

Live lawns look so beautiful and inviting once sod has settled in. Unfortunately, that seldom lasts long. Pretty soon, you’ll have to replace parts of the grass often. On top of that, it only takes one big event to damage your green grounds.

If your business calendar is packed, you might need to hire an additional crew to restore the look and function of your outdoor space in time for the next event.

Maintaining a commercial lawn of any size also needs:

    • Regular reseeding
    • Constant mowing and cutting
    • Landscaping
    • Watering daily or more

All of these are essential tasks that you can do, or you can hire professional maintenance. Either way, it would mean committing a lot of time, effort, and money to a single part of your establishment. You can put an end to that non-stop hassle and expense by enlisting the help of a synthetic grass expert in Portland.

Benefits of Synthetic Landscapes and Putting Greens for Businesses

If you want all the benefits of real grass without affecting your bottom line, consider going synthetic. Artificial grass offers many advantages to businesses:

  • Enjoy minimal maintenance.

When you replace grass with turf, you no longer need to pay for professional maintenance services or buy lawn care chemicals to keep your lawns green. Artificial turf doesn’t need fertilizers, weed killers, pesticides, and other potentially toxic substances. No need to cut, mow, or water it either —synthetic grass retains its perfect looks from day one to many years later. Look forward to more significant savings with your beautiful new lawn!

  • Enhance the safety of your grounds.

Lower the risk of accidents and liabilities when you install commercial, residential, and pet artificial grass in Portland. The slopes, dips, and unyielding surface of the soil can cause injuries in case of trips and falls. In contrast, installers can place a cushion under the turf surface to provide a soft, groundcover to land on.

If you have customers who are allergic to pollen, synthetic grass will make your grounds more accessible for them since it never releases allergens.

  • Expand your services.

Make your establishment a one-stop-shop for your clients! Artificial grass is extremely durable, pet-friendly, and can accommodate most activities held on natural grass. Invite pet owners, welcome photoshoots, host games, and picnics —there’s no limit to what you can do with artificial grass.

Make Your Business Stand Out With Artificial Grass!

Put your commercial establishment on the map with a synthetic landscape or backyard putting green in Portland! Call your local installers today for fresh ideas to enhance your business with artificial grass.