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How Your Modern Living Room Furniture Can Pass the 10-Year Challenge

Can your modern living room furniture be amenable for the 10-year challenge? Netizens are going nuts today in joining the so-called 10-year challenge where a photo from ten years ago goes side by side its current version. Chances are the photos will either show congruency or its flip side and can result to either disappointment or feeling of accomplishment and positivity.

Modern Style Living Room

While people are so invested in comparing their faces across years, another thing taken for granted might also be up for this challenge — your modern living room furniture.

How long has it been since you bought your furniture? Does it still look like those fancy pieces found in the modern furniture stores in Los Angeles? Here are some tips on how to make furniture ready for gimmicks like the ten-year challenge.


Elle Décor suggests that a new sofa must be bought every 7 to 15 years. This is a long period and can most likely cause physical manifestation of its age, unless proper maintenance is made.

Add protection

It might seem like an additional errand to do every weekend but this is an amenable and cost-effective way to ensure sofa’s longevity. In selecting the covers to protect the sofa, make sure that the fabric has the right texture to make sitting or lying down easier. Avoid silk or very slippery options to avoid falling off due to little to no friction between you and the cover.

Care for leather

Regular dusting of a leather sofa can go a long way in preserving its look. However, when we talk about stain, degree of remedies may also vary and may involve more than dusting. Before acting, consider the kind of stain and kind of leather to ensure that the treatment would work rather than ruin the furniture. Consulting furniture brochures or magazine might help you identify the appropriate solutions.


Treat stains immediately

This is true especially if the material is wood, which is relatively harder to treat compared with glass or metal that does not absorb moist and can easily be wiped off.

Again, add protection

Besides avoiding problems on stain, covers can also make the table more versatile in terms of blending with the other pieces of furniture in the living room. In other words, you can just match the table cover with whatever theme you have without removing or replacing it.


Frequently check the screw (if any)

Don’t wait for the chair pieces to fall apart and check its screws for any loosening as amenable in your routines.

Remake but commit

Some people would choose to reimagine their living room chairs by repainting, suppose that it is made of material like wood. Depending on the paint and kind of wood, this remake might need a follow-up treatment in the future if the paint gets scraped off or fades. Make sure to be ready for this lest the chair might look really aged.

Luxury living room furniture pieces are great investments, hence, they should be well-maintained. Look at you furniture and think if it looks pretty worn or never been touched. Either way, things would still be cool if you start a furniture maintenance routine.