Most Effective Methods on How to Sleep Train a Baby from a Certified Sleep Coach


It is not unusual for parents, especially first-timers, to experience sleep issues during the first few weeks or months with their child. If bedtimes with your infant are always a struggle, it might be time for you to look into ways on how to sleep train a baby. Discover the most effective baby sleep training methods according to a certified sleep coach!

Smart Baby Sleep Training Strategies

From singing lullabies to going on seemingly endless nighttime car rides, parents will try just about anything to get their fussy babies to sleep. A certified sleep coach helps pave the way to undisturbed nights by determining the best techniques for establishing a bedtime routine in your household.

A bedtime routine is key to peaceful bedtimes. Newborns thrive on consistency and predictability. Once they’ve determined that the same things happen every night before bedtime, they’ll take the events as signals to go to sleep. It’s why establishing a routine is an essential tor sleep training.

Here are some of the most expert-recommended strategies on how to sleep train your baby and create a bedtime routine:

  • Feed, bath, and change your baby’s diaper.

Remove hunger and discomfort from the equation from the get-go to nudge your little one to sleep. Give your baby a relaxing bath after a breastfeeding or bottle-feeding session. This will allow you to wash off milk spills and other sources of unpleasantness before bedtime.

  • Apply lotion and massage your baby lightly.

Use slow and gentle strokes to help your infant relax. Pay attention to how your little one reacts to your touch and pinpoint the best massage focus. Invest in a baby lotion with a soothing scent.

  • Bundle up your baby in his or her pajamas and sleep sack.

Swaddles, sleep sacks, or wearable blankets give your infant a sense of security even without you being physically by their side throughout the night. They also keep babies warm and allows them free movement.

  • Read a book or two.

Let the soothing sound of your voice wind down your baby for bedtime. This can take up to five minutes. Storytime is also a great strategy if you are sleep training a toddler. Not only will it encourage your child to sleep, but it’ll also develop great reading habits.

  • Prepare the room for bedtime.

Once storytime is done, turn off or dim down all the lights in the nursery. Turn on white noise at a low volume to dampen loud background sounds.

  • Hold your baby close.

Sing a lullaby, give hugs and kisses, then lay your little one on the bed or crib. Once babies are accustomed to their sleep routine, they’ll drift off to sleep on their own.

Explore the Wonders of Baby Sleep Training

Learning how to sleep train a baby just might be the smartest decision you’ll ever make as new parents. It can be challenging and exhausting, but with expert help and guidance, a good night’s sleep is certainly within your reach. Get in touch with a certified sleep coach to learn more about tested-and-proven sleep training methods for infants and toddlers!