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Prepare for the Goose Molting Season with a Border Collie for Goose Control

During the summer, around late June to early July, Canada geese molt and lose their ability to fly. Any property unfortunate enough to be their shelter during this period is in for several weeks of property damage, among other things. That is why it’s crucial that you take pre-emptive measures, like getting a Border Collie for goose control, before the season begins.


What to Expect During the Goose Molting Period   

Canada geese replace their flight feathers completely during the molting phase in preparation for their autumnal migration. The first molt occurs just after their nesting period, which happens from March to May. Non-parent geese typically begin molting in early June. Parent geese, on the other hand, start losing feathers as soon as their eggs hatch.

Unlike most birds which experience sequential molting, Canada geese lose all their primary feathers in one sitting. This leaves them flightless and vulnerable for 4-6 weeks. During this time, geese tend to remain in lands near the water for shelter and food. Most favor places with a clear view of their surroundings and possible predators, such as parks, golf courses, and lawns.

Molting Geese? Have Patience—and a Border Collie for Goose Control

Properties with goose populations during the molting season have to contend with a surplus of feathers, bird droppings, and property damage. Since molting Canada geese are flightless for a short time, it’s tempting to take measures to drive them out during this period. In fact, there have been several reports of roundups and attacks on geese during this time.

Goose roundups, however, not only cause more damage to the affected property, but also violate state laws regarding the humane treatment of animals. The most humane manner of driving away geese is using specially trained Border Collies.

Originally bred for herding livestock, Border Collies are now sold by geese control companies to control Canada geese populations without touching the birds. These canines are not used during the molting period itself to avoid further endangering the vulnerable birds. Rather, goose dogs are best employed before and after the season.

Border Collies should be deployed to prevent Canada geese from nesting in open areas as early as March. The goose dog training that these canines go through sharpens their innate skills of stalking and intimidation, which are perfect for herding away geese without hurting them physically. Once the geese establish that a property is home to a trained Border Collie, they’ll identify it as an unsafe area for nesting and molting.

Keep Geese Off Your Property Before Their Molting Season

The longer you let Canada geese stay on your property, the harder it will be to get rid of them. Prevention is key to effective goose control, act before their molting season.  Herd Canada geese away from your grounds with a trained Border Collie.

With precautionary measures, you can prevent geese from nesting and molting in your property areas. Get help from geese control companies which provide trainable Border Collies for goose control. Inquire now at the experts nearest you.

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