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Prioritizing Senior Home Safety with Shower Conversion in Los Angeles


Bathroom remodeling with accessible shower conversion in Los Angeles is a must-have for families with seniors and those who are thinking of aging in place.

Recent reports from the National Institute on Aging (NIA) show that one in every three senior citizens aged 65 and above suffer from fall every year —80% of which happens in the bathroom.  Bathroom falls and slips are a common hazard with people suffering from reduced strength and coordination. As such, it is imperative that you take every necessary measure to maintain home safety, starting with your comfort station.

4 Ways Shower Conversion Creates a Senior-Friendly Bathroom

Two-thirds of all home injuries occur in the bathroom, making it the perfect place to begin your focus. If you’re planning to renovate your bathroom, getting a bathtub is a risky proposition because it restricts movements.

Shower conversion in Los Angeles, on the other hand, eliminates the need for effort and leg-lifting to get in and out of the tub. It provides various benefits, especially for elderlies who require in-home care. These include:

  1. Accessibility

Unlike bathtub conversion, shower remodeling in Los Angeles allows ease of use without requiring motions like getting up and down or stepping in and out of the shower. It effectively eliminates all barriers that make it hard for the elderly to use the bathroom.

  1. Comfort and Space

The good thing about shower conversion is it allows more room for bathroom transport wheelchairs and other amenities to ensure the safety and comfort of the seniors.

To maximize the space and keep your elderly steady while taking a bath, equip your bathroom with aids, such as:

    • Shower seats
    • Grab bars
    • Non-slip mats
    • Curbless showers
    • Shower ramp
  1. Safety

The need to prioritize senior safety cannot be emphasized more. The problem, however, is that most homes are not designed to meet this need. In this case, it is essential to make the necessary modifications as early as possible – starting with shower conversion.

Converting a bathtub into a walk-in shower reduces the risk of tripping or slipping. There are several ways to make the shower safer for seniors, you can:

    • Install non-slip textured floors
    • Place bath mats
    • Install grab bars into the wall of the shower
    • Place transfer benches
  1. Cleanliness

It is also imperative to keep the bathroom clean at all times to avoid transfer of disease and bacteria. Remember that elderlies are hyper sensitive to dirt, so be wary of installing a bathtub as it easily accumulates dirt and grime.

Create an easy-to-clean bathroom through shower remodeling instead. With a shower, a regular scrub with anti-grime cleaning can easily make the room spotless. It helps save time, reduce cleaning headaches, and keep the room hygienic at all times.

Make Your Bathroom Senior-Friendly with the Help of the Right Remodeling Contractor!

Protect your elderly loved ones and prepare your home for aging in place! Talk to your local bathroom remodeling contractor today and get the best services in shower conversion and shower installation in Los Angeles. Invest in your bathroom today for your family’s future!