The Processes of eCommerce/Fulfillment Business: A Senior Executive Recruitment Guide

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At the very moment, senior executive recruitment for eCommerce/Fulfilment businesses is very much in demand. eCommerce sites have multiplied exponentially.

Through effective recruitment, you will be able to acquire the best and most qualified personnel for your e-Commerce/Fulfillment business to guide you and ensure that every aspect of your business is flowing smoothly. So that you know what to expect in your recruitment guide, here are some facets managers need to orient themselves about once they get into your business.

Logistics Types for e-Commerce/ Fulfillment Businesses

Once thrust into the business, senior executives need to have thorough understanding of the mechanics that govern e-Commerce/ Fulfillment. One of the more important things that they will be facing as they enter your company and take charge of key positions are:

  • Third Party Logistics

Online businesses are fully driven for efficiency. With the improvement of technology and devices, business processes also need improvement. This makes it necessary to consider specialization and the need to outsource e-commerce logistics.

Third party logistics providers can do cross-boundary functions, not just by giving results with a high-degree of precision, but also by taking care of costs where in-house logistics are illogical.

In addition, logistics is driven by the fact that a lot of e-commerce businesses do not possess the scale where they could afford large costs of cutting-edge ERP (enterprise resource planning) software need to stay competitive. ­­ With computing becoming largely mobile, the investment in this technology will grow bigger.

  • Reverse Logistics

An unpopular aspect of e-Commerce fulfilment is reverse logistics. These involve returned, undelivered and damaged goods, and exchanged offers. E-commerce fulfilment customer complaints include getting the incorrect item, getting delayed or missing shipments, having damaged items and returns and refunds. Such issues have to be addressed immediately by an incoming middle manager, as it could cause bad repercussions for business.

Things to Focus on for an Effective Commerce/Fulfillment Operation

As found in other businesses, there are important key ingredients for the success of eCommerce and Fulfillment operations. The executives that you hope to hire should be able to provide on-point leadership to carry out each factor effectively:

  • Speed – This describes the need of the goods to get to the destination on time.
  • Accuracy – This implies that the exact goods ordered should get to the point or destination.
  • Scalability – This pertains to the growth of the business, along with your fulfilling your customers’ needs.
  • Surge – On special occasions such as holidays, surges happen to the website. While your site can handle the demand, you also need to have the product available by the holidays.
Requirement for Management

With eCommerce/ Fulfilment growing at a speedy Pace, effective middle management is needed to ensure the proper flow of goods and to maintain quality service. Therefore, you need senior managers who are adept at the business and highly competent for the task.

To make sure you lessen mismanagement risks, consult with one of top recruiting firms in Houston to get the most suitable managers for your e-Commerce and fulfilment business.