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Protect and Care for Your Furniture with these Tips from the Best Furniture Stores in Los Angeles

couple moving sofaMany people invest a good amount of money on furniture and décor pieces from the best furniture stores in Los Angeles but forget to care for it properly. This is a no-no, especially if you want to maximize your investment. Learn how to care for your prized pieces and keep them looking sleek and stylish for years to come.

How to Care for Your Furniture

Once you find the perfect furniture piece to complete your home’s aesthetic, you need to give it extra care and attention. Set the tone for your indoor space’s overall appearance with these easy furnishing care tips.

1. Read the care label. This is the topmost important care tip. The care label includes information on specific care tips for the piece you purchased. If the furniture did not come with a label, ask a representative in modern furniture stores if there are particular care instructions you need to take note of.

2. Dust your furniture. Regular dusting gets rid of airborne deposits that can scratch the surface. Use a clean, dry, soft cloth or a feather duster to remove the dust effectively. To avoid spreading the dust all over the place, dampen the cloth from time to time.

3. Avoid sun exposure. Too much heat can damage even the highest quality contemporary couches. To keep your furniture pieces in top condition, keep them out of the sun. The key here is placement. Consider rotating your furniture pieces to avoid exposure from the sun. Keep them away from windows and other areas that can be affected by direct heat.

4. Protect surfaces. Contemporary couches and tables are susceptible to wear and tear. Protect your furniture from pesky watermarks, food stains, and general usage by using home accessories, such as placemats, runners, or glass coverings.

5. Don’t use all-purpose cleaning sprays. Each furniture piece entails specific care. Consult with a representative of the best furniture stores in Los Angeles regarding the proper care instruction to make sure you’re doing it right.

6. Restore as needed. Once you notice spots or scratches, take care of them right away. Read on useful blogs or consult with experts for proper restoration and furnishing care tips.

General Tips to Keep Your Furniture Pieces in Top Condition

Protect your favorite contemporary couches and other furniture pieces with these simple tips:

• Schedule regular house cleaning.

• Polish furniture after cleaning.

• Protect furniture from pets.

• Do not place drinks and other wet items directly on the furniture surface.

• Avoid placing furniture in steamy areas, such as the bathroom and laundry area.

• Maintain a consistent temperature in your home.

Your furniture deserve delicate care and attention. Make sure to follow these care tips to enjoy your prized pieces for years to come.