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The Benefits of Having a Mid-Century Round Dining Table for Your Space

One of the best pieces of furniture anyone can have is the dining table. That’s why it’s crucial for you to choose the kind of table you’ll have at your home. One great example is the mid-century round dining table, which has graced many homes since it was first introduced. Until now, it is one of the most sought after dining room pieces.

round center table

The Round Table Advantage

While many make their case for the rectangular table, a round dining table possesses its own set of advantages. Here are some perks of getting a circular table:

  • Ideal for interactions
    There’s a reason the fabled King Arthur chose a round table for meeting with his knights. Everyone who has something to share can be easily heard at any end of the table. Unlike in a rectangular table where those at one end will be left from those at the other end, the round table ensures everyone gets an equal amount of attention in a conversation.In addition, every person is less likely to miss getting their favorite food, as they can reach out to it at the middle. You can also totally avoid passing of dishes and condiments which occur at a long rectangular table.
  • Flexible for any space
    A round table doesn’t have corners, so more space is saved. Thus, a round dining table is perfect for any room. In addition, a mid-century round dining table can have many uses.When you have a dining room, the table can be used for small dining areas or wider spaced ones. For example, in an elongated space, the dining room can be set in one square area, while the other square can hold a cupboard with either collections of porcelain or China.
  • More free space
    A circular table is rounded, which means people can go around and easily get to their seats. It is ideal for formal dining areas and open floor plans. Through better flow of human traffic, your guests will not only need space for placing meals, but also for seating.During gatherings, where there’s likely a chance that you’ll have more guests than usual, a round table provides enough space for more guests to squeeze in. This table does it better, compared to rectangular or square tables, which make it more difficult because of the corners.

Finding the Right Size for Your Table

Now that you’ve decided to get a round table for your space, you have to find out the ideal space for it in your dining room. Just like the sofa in Los Angeles is to your living room, so will the dining table be to your dining room; thus the importance of the space it will occupy. Here are the ways to find out the size of the table.

  • Get the measurement of the space
    Use measuring tape to take note of the space. Take also into consideration obstacles in the room, including the doors, windows, and cupboards. This will give you an idea of the space you’ll have to work with.
  • Mark the space with masking tape
    By placing masking tape on the floor, you will create a temporary marker for the dining table. Make the marker by crossing two long strips of tape that are perpendicular to each other. Think of each end of the tape as forming the diameter of the table.  Check if the space you’ve allotted for the table is enough for movement by going round the “X.” Once it’s okay, measure the final diameter and look for a table that has about the same size.

Round Table Happiness

By measuring the space for your table and using the tapes as a visual guide, you’ll get the perfect mid-century round table for your dining room. To make your search easier, try checking out websites of specialty stores. If they can provide custom-made beds in Los Angeles, there’s a good chance they can supply tables of any size as well. With the right kind of table, you not only get a functional dining room, but you’ll get a space that’s great for entertaining guests at any occasion.