Things You Must Avoid in an Infrared Sauna

What to do in an infrared sauna is frequently talked about. But what about some taboos? Whether it is a an in-home sauna or a public sauna facility in a spa, it is equally important to be reminded of some decorum.

Infrared Sauna

Below are things not advisable to do in a sauna bathing to keep the hot box maintained and for a safer relaxation.

  • Don’t bring unnecessary liquids
  • Water is definitely not part of the unnecessary liquids because it is needed to rehydrate after many minutes of sweating. However, bringing other liquids, especially the colored and dense ones, is highly discouraged because they might cause stains on the wood.

    Stains will require scrubbing, with the extent depending on the damage. Cost of dealing with wood stains on your one-person sauna can also range from simply using a homemade baking soda solution to the procurement of commercial sauna cleaner.

  • Don’t bring food
  • The reason is similar to what’s previously discussed — food might leave stains on wood if liquid or crumbs from it spilled.

  • Don’t go full naked
  • This is not just for prudency, especially the sauna is public, but is also about, again, maintaining the cleanliness of the wood. Going full naked can leave moist and eventually stains on the wood. Always use a towel to insulate your body from the wood.

  • Don’t bring your mobile phone or laptop
  • Extreme heat inside the sauna might affect your gadgets’ condition. If the purpose of bringing them is for hearing music, requesting for an additional facility from the spa could do the trick. If the sauna is at home, invest in appropriate sauna sound system.

  • Don’t set the temperature that high
  • This tip will apply most especially to those who have gotten used to traditional sauna. Traditional sauna generally requires higher temperature compared to far infrared sauna because the former still need to heat the air to affect the body while the latter directly penetrates the body.

    So to avoid excessive heat, just set the infrared sauna’s temperature lower than what’s usually set in a traditional sauna. Healthline gave a specific range of 120 °F to 140 °F for infrared sauna.

  • Don’t leave the sauna and its accessories plugged when not in use
  • This is just a reminder which also goes true with the other appliances. While already a passé, being reminded is still necessary because people tend to forget.

  • Don’t miss maintenance schedule
  • When tempted to skip a scrubbing and mopping schedule for the sauna, imagine the woods rotting because of the moist and bacteria that were not removed due to not cleaning frequently.

    While this might sound like a hard-liner because sauna woods are meant to be durable, it is actually better to be sure than to incur more cost because of extreme cleaning measures if the wood is not well-maintained.

  • Don’t forget to hydrate yourself
  • While not an etiquette per se, this reminder is for health purposes. Infrared sauna bathing can definitely make you sweat profusely, so it’s just right to replenish the liquids lost by drinking more water after every session.