5 Tips in Maintaining a Family Portable Far Infrared Sauna at Home

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It’s indeed perky to have a portable far infrared sauna at home, but people might ask: how much does it cost to purchase sauna for our home?  In Amazon alone, portable personal saunas prices range from $100 to $350. Likewise, 4-person sauna prices range from $1,700 to $5,000.

These ranges might seem pricey at first glance, but the cost pays off in the long run because of the many benefits of having an in-home sauna. Moreover, investing in a sauna does not require you to bring out a lot of penny from time to time unlike other relaxation regimens. It’s like a one-time investment that you can enjoy for a long period.

To enjoy family saunas at home, below are some tips on how to maintain them. Being enthusiastic in doing the tips below really pays off because it can save you a lot in buying new sauna or accessories. This is true since many saunas are made of wood which can be a delicate material to maintain.

Dealing with Stains

Stains could be brought by sweat, and getting rid of these can be challenging for sauna owners. Some home remedies are available to solve this problem. First options could be light scrubbing the affected area using solutions like baking soda. Another option can be using sandpaper.

To avoid stains that are brought by stains, it is best to ensure that family members who use the sauna use towels for less direct skin contact with the wood. Accompanying a young family member who could be a suspect of vandalizing sauna walls can also help in maintaining the quality of your home sauna.

Check on Screws

Routinary check on the conditions of the screws is important to make sure that the sauna would not fall apart. When necessary, tighten or replace the screws.

The Right Rock

If you are using or planning to get an outdoor sauna that uses a rock for heating, then this tip is for you. Choice of and frequency of replacing sauna rocks are vital to proper maintenance. Choosing rocks that easily crack into smaller pieces after some rounds of heating can give you a hard time cleaning because the fragments will keep on messing your sauna floor. Avoid this hassle by choosing the right rocks, and it goes without saying to avoid sedimentary rocks. Some shops offer the most suitable rocks for your sauna, and it will be best to check them out.

Cleaning the Floor

As much as sauna walls and benches are vulnerable to stains, its floor is equally prone to bacteria. That is why it is highly recommended to clean the sauna by sweeping or mopping it daily or twice a week, depending on how frequent your family uses it. It is also important to open the door after cleaning the floor or other parts (especially if the cleaning involves mopping or a little moist) to let the air in and dry the sauna.

Going Low Maintenance

Cleaning the sauna should not be as hard, but if your family aims for a lower maintenance facility for relaxation, you might opt to buy or switch to far infrared saunas. This is because infrared sauna does not use water for heating unlike the traditional saunas. Wide options are already available when we talk about far infrared saunas. If your family regularly engages in weekend getaways, portable infrared saunas and outdoor saunas can be good options.

Many shops and their websites showcase different sauna types that suit your lifestyle. After knowing about how much does a sauna cost and how to maintain them to minimize repair or replacement costs, you can check out various websites to start enjoying this awesome facility at home.