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Top 4 Qualities that Define Eco-Friendly Artificial Grass in St. Louis

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Promote environmental sustainability by installing eco-friendly artificial grass in St. Louis! Switching to synthetic turf gives you a lawn that feels and looks like real grass without all the hassle and stress.

In the Midwest where the weather is unpredictable, having constantly green turf will keep your outdoor space always looking vibrant no matter the weather condition.

4 Amazing Qualities of Eco-Friendly Artificial Turf

Technological innovations have made artificial grass not only look and feel realistic but become environmentally friendly as well. Many residential and commercial property owners are now realizing its benefit as an alternative for hard-to-maintain landscapes.

Here are some standout qualities which make synthetic grass an eco-friendly material:

  1. Made from Recycled Plastic

One of the criticisms of synthetic grass is that it is made of plastic, which is harmful to the environment. But, fret not. The plastic material of artificial grass is a recycled form or polypropylene, which is non-toxic and lightweight. This means that synthetic turf manufacturers help reduce plastic materials in landfills by converting them to durable artificial turf in St. Louis.

  1. Durable and Tough

Unlike natural grass which chips and breaks, artificial turf is durable and resistant to physical elements such as foot traffic and pulling. In addition, you don’t have to revamp your lawn as much as its natural counterpart—artificial lawns can stand for years! For high quality synthetic grass, warranties can last up to 15 years.

  1. Lead-Free

A study conducted from 2007 to 2008 raised a concern about harmful lead found in artificial grass. Of the grass products available at that time, 15 had lead at levels more than 600 parts per million. The good news is that grass-producing technology has improved since then, and high-quality grass products have been declared to be lead-free.

  1. Permeable Drainage

Because eco-friendly grass in St. Louis has no dirt in it, some people tend to think that it gathers rainwater and animal urine. But this is not the case. Improved artificial grass products now have a permeable drainage system to ensure the water doesn’t go to waste. Once it rains, the water penetrates the infill and backing, going down into the soil.

Save the Environment with Synthetic Turf!

There’s no doubting the environment-friendly properties of artificial turf. By comparison, a natural lawn looks archaic and ecologically wasteful. Save enormous amounts of money on upkeep, and provide your family and pets with non-toxic, non-allergenic outdoor spaces that they can enjoy.

To optimize the benefits of synthetic turf, you should work with a reliable grass company. Installing artificial turf properly requires people with years of experience and a record for great service. For an aesthetic landscape that is environmentally friendly, contact the top installer of artificial grass in St. Louis, MO today!