Wooden Storage Boxes – A Great Addition to Your Home

Of course, the primary purpose of wooden storage boxes is to keep items. They are the practical solution for protecting goods while in transit. However, you will be delighted to know that wooden crates can also be a good addition to your home.

Aside from storing your belongings, wooden boxes can also be used as beautiful décor for your home. You can create a chic, rustic vibe with these elements. You can also paint it and build it in a manner that emulates an industrial appeal. So, in this article, we will discuss some of the ways you can transform timber crates into beautiful additions to your home.

Work Desk Made of Timber Crates

If you are adventurous in choosing furniture for your home, then conventional computer desks will only bore you. Why not bring farmhouse beauty in your home office by building your desk with timber crates? Get some regular steel brackets and attach it to a wooden desktop, then build the legs or framework using the timber crates.

You can scour antique shops and flea markets to find the ideal wooden boxes for this project. Keep in mind that these crates tend to have an aged look, making them ideal for a rustic home office. However, if you prefer having a shabby chic desk, you can go to local packaging companies and purchase used wooden boxes. One of the advantages of using these materials is that they are easily adaptable, depending on the space of your room.

Side Table with a French Twist

You can transform one timber crate into a beautifully crafted side table. You can give it a wonderful French appeal by adding a decoupage inside and letting it stand by one of its sides. You just need to sand the wood, add a thin layer of paint and apply flower wallpaper. This is the perfect accent for your bedroom or bathroom. What’s more, it blends well with rustic-themed homes. On the other hand, these French-style wooden boxes can also be used to store your towels. You can also attach the base to a wall and use it as a décor where you can place picture frames and succulents.

Rustic Coffee Table

wooden coffee tableThese days, rustic interior décor is quickly becoming more popular in residential properties. If you want the same design for your home, you can start by transforming a couple of wooden boxes into a coffee table. You do not even have to spend too much on this project. You can capture the farmhouse flair in your living area by using some tools and timber crates. If you wish, you can install castor wheels at the bottom of your coffee table to achieve give it a bit of a commercial look—just like what you can usually find in artisan shops.


Timber Crate Bookshelf

If you have a children’s playroom in your house, you can use timber crates as bookshelves. They are ideal for kids who love to read, but are still small to reach the shelves. What you can do is attach the box floors to the wall and within your children’s reach. If you plan on storing taller books, you can cut the timber crate in half. Just ensure that the boxes are thoroughly sanded and painted to avoid causing splinters.

Bed Made out of Wooden Boxes

With all the noise and distractions in the city, it is a lot of people’s desire to live in the peaceful mountains or countryside. Well, if you do not have the luxury of taking a vacation, you can still achieve that vibe in your home by transforming some wooden boxes into your bed. However, do note that this project requires careful planning. So, it is best to seek professional help when you plan to repurpose timber crates into a bed. You can even ask the carpenter to add some storage boxes below the bed to maximise the space. Make sure you use natural fabrics, cotton and linen to achieve the full country panorama appearance in your bedroom.

Decorative Storage Boxes for your Entryway

It can be frustrating to come home to a living room littered with children’s bags and shoes. Well, if you kids tend to leave their things lying around, installing wooden storage boxes at the entryway might help a little. You can mount the base of the boxes on to the walls to create more space. You can also paint the crates to match the look of your home. Once the boxes are ready, teach your kids to place their shoes, bags, umbrellas and raincoats in them whenever they come home from school.

Bathroom Storage

If you want to have a country-style bathroom, you can turn wooden crates into shelves. You can have additional storage space where you can keep towels and other toiletries. This is also ideal for smaller apartments where the space is limited. Just ensure that you securely anchor the boxes onto the wall, preventing them from toppling over. Paint them with white to create a clean look for your bathroom.

These are just some of the ways you can transform wooden boxes into valuable pieces in your home. We’re sure there are more out there! After all, your imagination is the limit!