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Get Wicked with the Best Place to Buy Tickets Online

In 2003, one of the most popular musicals in modern times premiered to the delight of Broadway audiences. Told through the perspective of one of the most iconic characters in musical theater history, Wicked has provided audiences with a different spin on the already-memorable story, The Wizard of Oz. With several ticket sites serving as the best place to buy tickets online for the show, the musical has continued to rise in popularity.

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The Best Things About Wicked

For the past 16 years, Wicked has continued to enchant audiences everywhere. In the years that followed since its premier, more and more productions have released their own interpretations of the musical, adding more variety for people to watch.

Here’s why you should hurry and grab your tickets now from the best place to buy tickets online:

  1. The musical scores.

Musical scores help set the tone of the production in terms of scenery. This is most common in movies, and with Wicked, you get that feel when you watch the show in its entirety.

The songs are composed with a full orchestra in tow, from the strings to woodwinds and brass, down to the percussion as well. With the genius that is Stephen Schwartz, who served as the musical’s composer and lyricist, no stone is left unturned with each performance, allowing you enough room to feel excitement with every note that bellows.

  1. The story.

Of course, Wicked is known for offering a fresh, more matured point-of-view that’s far more different than the Wizard of Oz. In this musical, audiences can witness the story unfold through the eyes of Elphaba, who would later be known as the Wicked Witch of the West. Set before Dorothy Gale steps foot into Oz, the story highlights more serious issues that the more child-friendly Wizard of Oz does not, making it a musical for more matured audiences.

  1. The costumes.

Wicked is also known for not holding back on the costumes the cast wears. While the costumes of the main cast are stunning enough, the ensemble is also clad in stunning outfits, which helps set the tones of the scenes and immerse audiences into the story.

  1. The sales and revenue.

Along with other musicals such as The Lion King and The Phantom of the Opera, Wicked is one of the biggest-selling musicals of all time. Various ticket buying sites are sold out in due time when the musical is set on stage and offer great deals for patrons wishing to watch on a lower budget. As of March 2016, the musical has surpassed $1 billion in overall Broadway revenue.

  1. The awards and accolades.

2004 was a great year for the musical as it was nominated for 10 Tony Awards, with both leading actresses, Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth, each receiving a nomination for Best Actress. Out of the ten nominations, the casts grabbed three awards:

  • Best Actress in a Musical – Idina Menzel
  • Best Scenic Design – Eugene Lee
  • Best Costume Design – Susan Hilferty

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