Fit, Comfort, Versatility: Don’t Settle for Less than the Best CPAP Mask

To the average person, sleep apnea may not seem like a big deal. Sure, you might not get the ideal amount of sleep per night, but what’s so bad about feeling tired during the day or snoring? Those diagnosed with this condition, however, know that sleep apnea is far more serious than that.

man is sleeping in his bed

People struggling with sleep apnea can stop breathing completely while they’re sleeping. It can happen as often as hundreds of times a night! Left untreated, sleep apnea can cause severe health issues, such as diabetes, heart attack, and even cognitive disorders or behavioral problems. With this condition affecting millions of Americans today, CPAP machines are becoming more widely available to treat sleep apnea patients.

Not all devices are created equal, however. Finding the best CPAP mask for you entails understanding what you need to get that coveted good night’s sleep.

Finding the Right Fit

When it comes to CPAP mask, you want your device to fit as perfectly as possible. One of the major complaints when it comes to conventional full-faced masks is that they are bulky. Many new CPAP masks come with a bunch of straps that come undone or need adjustment during the night. Instead of treating sleep apnea, many users find that full-faced masks contribute to the problem.

If you’ve tried full-faced masks and found them unsuitable, alternatives, such as the CPAP Pro, might be what you’re looking for. CPAP Pro uses a boil and bite plate to keep the device in place, eliminating masks and straps completely. This mechanism is customized to your unique dental configuration for an excellent fit that stays in place through the night.

Getting Comfortable

Sleeping in one position for the whole night is not natural for most people. Our body naturally adjusts its position during sleep, and your CPAP device should allow you this freedom. This is hard to achieve with full-faced masks. Aside from the covering on your face, you also have head straps and a chin strap to contend with, making it hard to move around.

The CPAP Pro is specially designed without all these contraptions. You only have the mouthpiece, nasal component, and the tubes that connect to your machine. It’s easy to find the sleeping position most comfortable for you, giving you more chances at achieving that elusive REM.

A Special Note for Mouth Breathers

If you’re a mouth breather, then you might have a harder time than most when it comes to sleep apnea and CPAP devices. The larger surface area of some masks leads to air leakage, causing eye irritation. CPAP Pro addresses this common issue with a simple solution— boil and bite plates for both the upper and lower teeth. These keep your mouth closed while you sleep, considerably reducing mouth breathing issues.

If you’ve been struggling with CPAP device-related issues, innovations like the CPAP Pro can turn your whole sleep experience around. Of course, you need to make informed decisions when choosing medical devices like the CPAP Pro, so be sure to consult with your doctor and conduct extensive research before buying one.