Top Three Cable Rope Exercises Every Bodybuilder Should Do

Cable rope attachment is one of the most underutilized bodybuilding equipment out there. Many bodybuilders focus too much on traditional free weight movements that they ignore the advantages of cable ropes in targeting single jointed exercises. Sure, barbells or dumbbells are crucial in squatting, bench pressing, rowing, and deadlifting, but targeted exercises, such as bicep curl and shoulder rise, are best done at the cable station.

Unlike barbells and dumbbells, cable ropes offer continuous tension during exercises. Because it uses a pulley, a cable is able to provide a constant resistance. This makes the angle of resistance more aligned and fitting for the movement of the exercise.

cable rope exercises

There’s a range of cable rope exercises one can do to build their muscles, but here are some of the top picks.

  1. Cable Crunch

    Not many bodybuilders do the cable crunch when in fact, it’s pretty effective in strengthening the abdominals. Since this muscle group requires sufficient resistance, cable rope attachment is a good fit. It helps you gain the maximum level of hypertrophy and development. This is far from what bodybuilders usually do, which is to simply increase the number of repetitions without adding resistance.

  2. Over-Head Triceps Extension

    Do you want huge horseshoe shaped triceps? Then, overhead triceps extension using cable rope attachment could be for you. Instead of relying on dumbbells or a barbell for this, try to do a cable rope variation. The continuous tension it provides can boost resistance when peak contraction is achieved. This will then strengthen and shape your triceps better.

  3. Front Raise

    Doing dumbbell front raises over and over can become tiring and boring. To spice things up, try its rope cable version. The movement is similar to the traditional dumbbell front raise, but the cable variety allows you to do it lying on the ground. This version is ideal if you want a stricter performance. Also, it’s better for bodybuilders suffering from lower back injuries.

There are other exercises you can do using the cable rope attachment. Think of it as an enhancer to your workout routine to get to the level you want. So, the next time you hit the gym, don’t just pass by the cable station. Make sure that you know how to do each exercise properly to avoid injuries and ensure optimal results. You can ask for assistance from your trainer as they know exactly how to beef up your workout plan safely.

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