Mistakes that Can Slow Down Recovery after the Best Laser Eye Surgery in Los Angeles

Recovering from the best laser eye surgery in Los Angeles is typically quick, painless, and involves minimal complications. In fact, most patients experience significant improvements to their vision in as little as two days. During that recovery period, there are some things that should be avoided so that your eyes can fully heal in the days after the procedure.

Laser And Young Woman, Closeup Of Eye. Visiting Ophthalmologist

Mistakes to Avoid After Lasik Eye Surgery

Your laser eye surgeon will give you a list of Dos and Don’ts after your LASIK eye surgery. However, it’s easy to forget some of those precautions especially when it comes to things that we naturally do every day. Recover faster by avoiding these mistakes post-surgery:

  • Using gadgets right after surgery

The harsh blue light that comes from TVs, smartphones, computers, and other digital devices can strain your eyes. It can also result to uncomfortable dryness in the eyes. It’s advisable to wait a day or two after laser surgery in Los Angeles before doing visually demanding activities like reading, going online, and watching TV.

  • Rubbing the eyes

You may experience some discomfort around your eyes shortly after LASIK surgery, but this is normal. Resist the urge to rub or dab around your eyes for at least two weeks to avoid contamination and infections.

  • Driving after surgery

Laser eye surgeons strongly recommend getting someone to drive you home after you’ve had your laser eye surgery in Los Angeles. Driving requires you to concentrate visually and can be tiring especially after the procedure. After you’ve secured LASIK financing in Los Angeles, take time to arrange transportation in advance of the procedure.

  • Not being careful during a bath or shower

It’s fine to soak in a hot tub or take a shower after LASIK, but be very careful not to get water and soap into your eyes. This can be painful, and in worst case scenarios, can cause an infection to set in.

  • Not wearing sunglasses

Apart from the blue light from gadgets, you also need to protect your eyes against harsh sunlight and UV rays after your surgery. The best way to do this is to wear sunglasses and spend as much time indoors while you heal.

  • Wearing eye makeup

Eye make up can get into your eyes and cause irritation, so it’s a good idea to avoid it for awhile after surgery. The same goes for moisturizers, lotions, and other facial products – if there’s a risk that it can get into your eyes, try staying away from them until after you’ve fully recovered.

  • Not resting enough

Laser eye surgery is a straightforward process, by much like more demanding procedures, your body needs plenty of rest so it can heal itself fully. Consider taking a few days off work or school so you can focus on nourishing yourself and getting enough rest for faster recovery.

Discover the Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery in LA

Recovery from laser eye surgery is a simple process when you know what to do. Interested in getting LASIK? To figure out LASIK eye surgery cost in Los Angeles, find a reputable laser vision institute in the area to discuss your financing and payment options.