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Do You Burn Calories in a Sauna? Find Out How Long You Should Sweat it Out!

One of the most asked questions when it comes to using a sauna is, “Do you burn calories in a sauna?” Sitting in saunas are some of the best ways to not only get those toxins flushed out from your body, but to help lose some weight as well. Now, the next question is: “How long should I sit in a sauna for?”

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The Best Times for the Best Results!

When it comes to relaxing in a sauna, think of it as continuing your workout even when you’re done. The fact that you’re able to sweat out the pounds and the toxins from your body is great enough to avail of a sauna of your own!

Now, with regards to the best time you should sit in a sauna for the best results, here are some of the best examples to consider:

  • 4-5 Minutes

This is one of the best times for beginners to start. There are times when the heat in a sauna can get overwhelming, which may lead to dehydration and heat stroke for those who are physically unprepared for such a level. This way, your body starts to get used to the heat and you can gradually work your way up to longer times.

This can also help you get started on burning some calories. While there is no exact measurement of calories you can burn at this length of time, the heat can certainly help your body get used to it.

  • 10-15 Minutes

While 4-5 minutes is great, a 10-15 minute session in the sauna is an even greater start! If you’re thinking about sitting in a portable far infrared sauna to work out a sweat, then sitting in one at this time can get your calories burning!

Sitting in a 10-15 minute session can help you burn at least 21 calories, which can be even greater with longer stays in the sauna. With proper hydration and preparation, you’ll be able to lose a considerable amount of weight with a sauna appointment.

  • 20 Minutes

When it comes to a more intermediate level of sauna heat, then sitting in a sauna for 20 minutes can get you up there! A 20-minute sauna session can burn up to 37 calories—and not just that, this kind of session can also help with muscle pain and tension, making every future workout a more relaxed and durable experience!

  • 30-45 Minutes

Now, this is a more advanced time for sitting in a portable sauna! Sitting in a sauna for that long can get your calories burning, with as much as 42 calories burned in a single sitting. By starting small in terms of sauna time, you’ll eventually be able to endure the heat for that long and lose some pounds!

Take Your Time and Take the Heat!

With as much time you can take for sitting in a sauna, you’ll definitely be shedding some pounds and get your body in shape! Never again will you ever ask, “Do you burn calories in a sauna?”