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If Lactic Acid Peel Was a Human

Skin care can be fun because it aims to bring out the best of the organ that covers our body. While it may not be the priority for others, it is undeniable that having glowing and youthful façade through great skin can be very rewarding. However, going deeper into skin care can be intimidating because of the different chemical compounds we encounter in product labels. Sometimes, we do not know which one can go with another, or if we can use one product with another. Skin care should remain to be fun, so here is an attempt to make a humanized storytelling about a skin care regimen – lactic acid peel or lactic acid in general.

lactic acid peel

Its Profile

If lactic acid has a Facebook account, you will see that it belongs to a group called alpha hyrdoxy acids. This group is composed of other acids used for skin care products. Lactic acid and glycolic acid are among the commonly used alpha hydroxy acids for skin care products.

Lactic Acid’s Friends and Prospect Enemies

Lactic acid is known for its exfoliating properties, that is why lactic peel is one of the common forms of beauty regimen that skin care enthusiasts will encounter. Using products with it tend to make the skin more sensitive, especially to sun rays. That is why lactic acid products will most likely be friends with sunscreen to avoid skin irritation.

On the other hand, lactic acid may not always be an ideal pair or complement for other skin care products like retinols. Acids can be a safer option for women who originally use retinoid outside pregnancy.

The ‘Distracted’ Acid

Less concentrated (or ‘distracted’, pun intended) is generally preferred when it comes to lactic acid. Setting puns aside, such preference is for safety utilization. More concentrated (or less ‘distracted’!) lactic acid still has their purpose on earth, but it is highly advised to consult a dermatologist first before using them.

Where to Find Lactic Acid?

Lactic acid originated from sugar canes. However, you don’t have to rummage a sugar cane plantation to find lactic acid for skin care. This acid has been incorporated in different forms of skin care products like lactic peel and lactic acid serum. Many manufacturers are selling them, all you need to do is to look them up. Easiest way is online through their websites.

Some Tips

When looking for potential supplier of alpha hydroxyl acid products, it is important to see that percentage of strength and concentration are indicated in their labels. Manufacturers with product updates in their website are also good prospect because these reflect transparency in reporting about their products.

Last word, which is also one of the most important reminders, is to consult a dermatologist before using skin care products. Different skin types differ in how they react to various products, so one-size-fits-all guidelines may not be applicable if your skin type has its idiosyncrasies.

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