Questions to Ask Yourself and Your Lasik Surgeon Before Surgery

Before undergoing Lasik eye surgery, it’s crucial that you establish two things: that you’ll benefit from the procedure and what the operation will involve. And, the best way to confirm is to ask questions. This article details some of the most important questions that you need to ask yourself and your Lasik surgeon in Orange County before undergoing surgery.

patient consulting lasik eye doctor

Ask yourself:

  1. Do I really need the operation?

This is a question that anyone must ask themselves prior to any kind of surgical treatment. If you can confidently say yes (with your doctor’s backing), then go for it. If you can’t. Discuss your options with your specialist.

  1. Are the benefits you’ll reap from the treatment worth it?

How will it affect your lifestyle? Is it going to affect your work life, social life, hobbies, and interests? If so, is it going to be worth it? Establish the answer to this question.

Ask your Lasik eye surgeon:

  1. Do I have a health condition that will take the treatment off the table for me?

There are health conditions that ban their sufferers from Lasik such as diabetes and autoimmune diseases. People who suffered from certain eye injuries and conditions also can’t undergo the treatment. Your surgeon should be able to enlighten you over this matter.

  1. How long before I can fully experience the results of the treatment?

The positive results of most—if not all—surgical treatments are seldom felt immediately. They take time. Your surgeon should be able to tell you how long.

  1. What results should I expect after the surgery?

Your doctor should be able to tell you how your eye condition (e.g., astigmatism, hyperopia/farsightedness, myopia/nearsightedness, etc.) will respond to the Lasik treatment. You see, most of these conditions stem from refractive errors in the eye, usually due to its shape. The efficacy of the Lasik procedure depends on the severity of the error. The more serious cases tend to not respond well to Lasik.

Your surgeon should be able to tell you if Lasik is ideal for you or if you should consider other forms of corrective eye surgery in Orange County.

  1. Is there anything that I should and shouldn’t do before the operation?

Find out the dos and don’ts of preparing for the Lasik procedure. Also, ask your doctor if you need to stop certain medications before the procedure, especially if you have maintenance medication.

  1. What are my payment options?

Many clinics offer Lasik Financing in Orange County. Yours may be one of them. So, if you can’t afford to pay for the treatment in full, don’t be afraid to post this question to your doctor.

  1. Will my age affect the success rate of the operation?

Lasik is ideal for folks who are 18 and above. As such, age has little to no influence over the treatment’s success rate. Ask your surgeon this question anyway. Some doctors believe that the ideal age for Lasik treatment is between 30 and 60. Get your specialist’s insight into this matter.

Make sure you know what you’re getting into. Ask yourself and your Lasik eye surgeon these questions. If you have questions about the operation that weren’t covered in this article, don’t hesitate to ask them as well. Your doctor should be more than happy to answer them.