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Why We Need Better Land Use and Construction Management: The Land Use Challenge in Metro Vancouver

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Many construction management companies believe that proper land use planning might as well be the secret to a smooth-running, well-thought-out large-scale and long-term urban development plan.

Case-in-point: Metro Vancouver.

One of the hottest topics off the press regarding this large regional district in Canada is land usage and allocation. More than these, rising hot and steamy is the issue on housing crises happening within the community. According to a report cited in the Western Investor, 90% of Vancouver residents believe that the region is experiencing housing crisis.

If you are a resident of Vancouver, or even somebody planning to relocate, this issue does not only concern real estate or construction management companies. It also concerns you.

The Metro Vancouver Land Use Challenge in a Nutshell

Before we detail how these challenges in land use may affect you and other Vancouverians, it is important to understand the main points of the issue. These are the following:

  • There may be a disparity between industrial land, residential land, and agricultural land use allocation. There is a need to balance the needs of the Metro Vancouver economy for businesses and production (industrial), the increasing number of relocators (residential), and food production (agricultural).
  • Some agricultural land reserves (ALRs) are not being used. To accommodate the large numbers of newcomers every year, there is a need for more residential areas. Some construction management companies argue that since some portions of ALRs are not arable, they can be converted into residential areas instead.
  • There is a need to review the land use designations in Metro Vancouver. According to the district’s official website, these designations may still be amended to “reflect municipal and regional commitments and aspirations.” Many are lobbying for more residential areas in Metro Vancouver. As it turns out, many industrial and agricultural lands stand vacant and must be reviewed and reconsidered.

How does this challenge affect you?

Now that you are aware of some salient points of the conversation on the land use challenge in Metro Vancouver, how does this issue affect you? Here are some ways that regional or provincial land use allocations and designations may affect you.

  • Housing Crises
    Every month, approximately 3,700 newcomers move into Metro Vancouver. This means that every year, residential lands and houses must be able to keep up to these additions and accommodate them all. It is not always the case, however. If land designated for residential areas is inadequate, a housing shortage may happen. With a low supply of rental houses in the face of an increasing demand, rental prices skyrocket.
  • Jobs and Businesses
    Aside from making sure that all Metro Vancouver residents have roofs over their heads, the government should also make sure that the economy is running smoothly. This begins with the amount of land designated for industrial purposes. This is where businesses, factories, and companies could be built, thus powering the Metro Vancouver economy and giving residents work.

Many construction management companies have forwarded opinions and proposals on how to solve the land use challenge in Metro Vancouver. With many minds coming together to solve this challenge, not only the housing crisis will be solved, Metro Vancouvers’ economy might be better off as well in the end.

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