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10 Tools and Apps for Social Media Marketers

Sometimes you may wonder how to visualize your written content in a better way. You may also worry about tools that can help you. So let’s take a look on some helpful apps which were listed in Social Media Marketing Podcast’s Discovery of the Week.

social media tools apps

1. Character Count Online aid in adjusting characters limit on any social media platform via making an alteration in content. It does not matter whether you want Instagram’s 2,220-character limit or Twitter’s 280-character limit or any other social media platform. The major function of this app is to count characters, paragraphs, words and even sentences.

2. Fontjoy

Fontjoy is basically a website where you can design your projects via using complementary fonts. Various fonts are used in blog design, quote graphic, final designs, and many other online projects. Using different fonts, your content will look different and unique. Take an example of a pull quote, now you can choose two different font for the sources and for a quote. In this situations where more than one type of font is being used, you need to follow core design principles for proper contrast and symmetry.

3. Adobe Scan

It is a powerhouse capture app use for creating PDFs. All it demands your camera to convert images and text into PDF. It works on the basis of optical character recognition (OCR) with which you can copy paste text that you want to scan. It also allows you to search your content easily especially while having a long document. With Adobe scan you can you can scan copied portion of the text, images, and various posts on social media.

4. Sticky AI

This tool is specifically used to convert your selfies into GIFs and stickers. This is the most fun creating an app. Now you can show your personal response in form of an animated GIF. With sticky AI you can use either a GIF image or a still message. You add text when this app removes the background. Once you save your image, you can use it either in a messenger or share on any social media app on your phone like iMessage, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Instagram, Snapchat and so on. also, Buy Instagram Followers now for increase your marketing domain.

5. Percentage Calculator is basically a time-saving app that is mostly used by social media marketers. It is used to calculate the increase or decrease percentage in the reports. It makes your work easier by converting your raw data into percentages. This online calculator is useful in regards to sentence-based input. Forget about long calculations just enter the number in your calculator’s sentence-based structure. It is used on web-enabled devices.


Most of the users face a problem of adding carriage returns in order to create blank spaces on top of the list of numerous hashtags which are used in the description of images. You need to click on Copy Mode button and put your desired hashtags.

7. Plotagraph

Plotagraph is a hypnotic app that creates animated images. It can be used to create animated PNG, looping video and animated GIF. This mind-blowing app can make you famous on social media platform where ever you use it. All you need to do is to mask the specific portions of your image that you want to remain still by drawing lines on your image. Refine mask by moving points on image.

8. Hemmingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is a magical app that solve the problem regarding writing. This free app is a browed based editor that assess your work via grades. It also mark deficiencies in grammar, word choices and sentence structure. Don’t mix this app with a word processor such as Microsoft Word as Hemingway Editor detect mistakes with color codes. Prior uploading posts on social media you can check compatibility of your content through Hemingway Editor.

9. Anchor Video

Anchor is a free tool that can help you sharing audios and making animated audio transcripts. And then these animated audio transcripts can promote a podcast (or other audio) by allocating brief animated clips on different social media platforms. You can change measurements of videos by height and width. Most of the time animated transcripts are used for Instagram and Facebook feeds and stories. You are also given with the option of downloading your favorite animated transcript in your phone. Saved videos can be uploaded on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and you can also Buy Real Instagram Followers. You can visit and can use this app for iOS or Android. You can create a free account too.

10. AFS

AFS, is abbreviated as Advanced Facebook Search. It is a Chrome plugin that contain search options which are beyond your imaginations like it can take you to a page where someone is tagged or videos a person likes. Recently Facebook moaned upon its use due to its onsite search that enables to search for groups, people, pages, posts, photos, etc.