The Ultimate Buying Guide for a Kids Wagon with Canopy

The humble red wagon is synonymous with happy kids and fun summers. Today, this classic has evolved into a multi-purpose wagon with numerous advanced features. There are so many kids wagon with canopy in the market, that your only problem is how to choose the right one! This checklist is a great way to help you make a final decision.




Shopping for a kid’s wagon? Make sure it has these features:

  • Versatile Wheels
    The wheels should be large with rubber treads for max stability and easier rolling. Look for a wagon with 360-degree front swivel wheels for effortless manoeuvrability in tight places such rowded malls or rough pavement.
  • Sturdy Foundation
    Your wagon needs tough construction so that it’s safe enough to carry a toddler and other things you might need for the trip. Don’t settle for less than a steel frame and durable canvas fabric. Search around, and you can find a lightweight, collapsible wagon that only weighs around 32 pounds while being able to carry as much as 150 pounds of cargo.
  • Plenty of Storage
    Bringing the kids along on any journey also means taking a lot of things with you. Therefore, the right wagon should offer various types of storage for your convenience.For instance, a folding basket in the rear will come in handy for your phone, purse, snacks, or change of clothing. Cup holders in the wagon prevent spillage. There should also be a number of storage pouches for other knick-knacks.
  • Safety Features
    There’s no such thing as too safe when it comes to your children. A wagon stroller should be equipped with special safety features tailored just for kids.Just like any mode of transport, it should have seat belt safety harnesses to keep lively toddlers in place. All four wheels should be outfitted with locking foot-activated brakes so that you can stop the wagon without taking your hands off the handle. Cross out any wagon without these safety features.
  • Advanced HandlesThe quality of your wagon’s handle has a big impact on the whole experience. You’ll most likely be spending hours pushing that wagon stroller, so it should be as comfortable as possible.The handle should be adjustable and properly padded. Avoid heel strike with a long handle. In addition, there are unique wagon strollers available online that you can push and pull. Finally, you should be able to detach the front handle easily, since theme parks like Walt Disney World has specific rules when it comes to wagons.


Lastly, a great wagon allows for lots of customization options. Adding accessories grants your wagon more flexibility, especially when it comes to the weather. Some accessories to look for are:

  • Bug Nets – very useful if you’re going to a place with a high number of insects, such as a campsite
  • Rain Cover and Insulated Cold Weather Cover – protect the kids from the elements
  • Seat cushions – especially useful for keeping the children comfortable during long rides
  • Protective cover – need to put your wagon during travel or in long-term storage? A protective cover keeps it in top shape until you’re ready to use it again

Now you’re ready to find the perfect wagon for your needs!