Lasik Recovery Advice from the Best Eye Surgeon in Orange County

Lasik has an incredible potential to restore a lifetime of good vision almost overnight. Like any operation, however, ample preparation before and after the procedure increases your chances of success. Follow these expert tips from the best eye surgeon in Orange County to create a safer, more convenient and stress-free recovery after Lasik.

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Recovery Tips for Lasik Surgery

Lasik has one of the highest success rates of any elective procedure at 96%. On top of that, healing is usually fast and with very minimal pain. While discomfort is a natural part of healing post-Lasik, there are things you can do to ensure your comfort and minimize the hassle before and after Lasik:

Before Your Lasik Procedure

  • Stop using creams, perfumes, lotions, or make-up a day or two before the surgery. This prevents debris from entering your eyes.
  • Schedule a couple of days off work to give your eyes time to heal.
  • Arrange for a ride before and after the surgery. Driving is highly discouraged after laser eye surgery in Orange County because your eyes are still adjusting to the change in your eyesight.
  • Eat a light meal before your surgery appointment. If you have prescription medications, talk to your surgeon about the best time to take them with regards to the procedure.
  • Dress casually and comfortably, preferably something you can continue wearing at home without having to change.
  • If you feel too anxious about the surgery, don’t hesitate to ask your surgeon for anxiety medication.
  • Arrange for any Lasik eye surgery cost in Los Angeles that needs to be pre-paid. It’s better to get your surgery-related finances in order ahead of the appointment if possible.

After Your Lasik Procedure

  • Wear your goggles as soon as possible after the procedure. This protects your eyes from the light and dirt.
  • Once you get home, avoid exposure to bright light sources. Try drawing the shades during the daylight, and using softer lamps and lights at night.
  • Avoid using the shower for a few days after the surgery which can risk soap and water getting into your eyes. Soak in a relaxing bathtub instead.
  • Use your softest towels to gently dab, not rub, around your eyes after taking a bath.
  • Don’t wear any eye makeup, face lotions, creams, and other products for a while after Laser eye surgery in Orange County.
  • Take it easy for a few days. Try not to drive, operate heavy machinery, or do tiring and complicated tasks right after surgery.
  • Get enough sleep and eat healthy food to help your body heal faster.
  • Always keep your eyes as clean as you can.

Lasik: One Simple Surgery, a Lifetime of Great Vision

Simple, safe, and with proven exceptional results, Lasik surgery is the best way to enjoy the clear vision you deserve. See if you’re a good candidate for the procedure by talking to an Orange County Lasik surgeon, and keep these recovery tips in mind for a fast, easy, and comfortable recovery towards a lifetime of perfect eyesight.