Managing Geese After Molting Season with a Border Collie for Sale

Now that Canada geese have regained their flight feathers, it’s the ideal time to resume goose control measures and get these destructive fowl off your property. Learn more about the dangers of geese and why a Border Collie for sale is one of the best ways to manage this problem.

border collie hunting geese

Molting Season Worsens the Geese Problem

Molting season for Canada geese runs from the beginning of June to late July. During this time, adult geese shed their wing feathers, and this renders them flightless. If you have geese on your property, then you may have noticed a large amount of feathers on the ground as well as big flocks near bodies of water in the area.

This period also overlaps with the maturing period of the goslings. The young geese are learning how to fly and often do a “barrel roll” when landing. While this may be an amusing sight, this phase spells big trouble as well.

In protecting their young, geese will easily attack all humans and animals that encroach on their territory. Aside from being aggressive, resident geese pollute their surroundings with large amounts of fecal waste and bacteria on top of destroying local flora in search of food and shelter. It’s no wonder why geese are considered one of the worst pests that can infest a property.

Managing Geese with Border Collie for Goose Control

Since geese are protected under federal law and cannot be hurt or killed outside a very narrow window, it’s recommended to leave them be during molting season. Fortunately, Canada geese are able to fly again around six weeks or so after molting. This is the right time to resume your goose management program and chase these pests off the area.

Border Collies are among the most effective and humane ways to drive geese off your property. The benefits of a Border Collie for sale include:

  • Intimidating Stare

Geese have no natural predators, rendering traditional scare tactics ineffective. However, Border Collies have a natural, intense intimidating stare that frightens geese. This is also a crucial tool in humane geese control. Their stare allows Border Collies to threaten geese without touching or harming them.

  • Herding History

Border Collies have a long history of herding livestock and sheep for humans. As a result, their specialized herding traits make them well-suited to drive even the largest flocks of geese in the right direction, which is of your property and onto your desired location.

  • People-Friendly Disposition

Despite their laser focus on the job at hand, Border Collies also enjoy being around people. They’re considered one of the top dog breeds as pets — easy to groom, possess long lifespans, obedient, intelligent, and most importantly, make ideal companions for their humans.

Step Up Your Goose Control Program with Border Collies

Thanks to these unique traits, Border Collies have become one of the most in-demand ways to manage geese. However, it takes expert goose dog training to produce Border Collies that can execute the job. Make sure to look for a goose dog company that breed Border Collies especially for geese management. Drive destructive geese off your property with the help of a Border Collie for sale today!