Dos and Don’ts Before Applying for Medicare Plans in Seattle

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Settling on one of the many Medicare plans in Seattle is only the first step towards securing your healthcare for the future. The next step is getting ready for your application. Make every second of your preparation period count and minimize registration hassles by following these dos and don’ts.

Medicare Application: Dos and Don’ts

Get the most out of your Medicare plan. Know what you should and should not do on the weeks leading up to your Medicare enrollment day:

  • DO: Set aside time to study your chosen Medicare plan.

Medicare application involves a ton of choices to make and deadlines to meet. Take the time to research the program you picked. Find out when is the best time to sign up for it, determine its requirements, and more. Doing so will help you to avoid committing costly mistakes.

  • DON’T: Presume that Medicare covers everything.

There is no medical insurance in Seattle, WA that offers gap-less coverage. Yes, some may include expensive healthcare solutions like organ transplants in addition to medical equipment and prescription drug coverage; however, they always have disparities. For instance, Medicare plans do not cover the non-healthcare costs involved in long-term care in assisted living facilities and hospices.

  • DO: Choose a prescription drug plan based on your medications.

This is crucial if you are taking prescription drugs regularly. Before settling on a drug plan, examine its “formulary” list, which enumerates the medications that it covers. Make sure your chosen plan covers most, if not all, of your medications. If you do not have prescription drugs, consider getting the most affordable drug plan.

  • DON’T: Choose a plan based solely on a friend or family member’s experience.

Their circumstances are not identical to your own. There is a huge chance that you will end up with an ill-fitting plan if you choose to copy their coverage. For a more helpful suggestion, talk to health insurance experts. They can help you find the best Medicare plan for your specific needs.

  • DO: Anticipate Medicare enrollment periods.

If it is your first time signing up for Medicare plans in Seattle, know that there several application periods. They include:

      • Initial Enrollment Period – This period starts three months before and concludes three months after your 65th During this time, you can register for Medicare Parts A, B, C, and D.
      • Special Enrollment Periods – These periods apply if you were able to postpone your Medicare enrollment under certain circumstances. Special enrollment periods can take effect:
        • while you are still covered by your employer;
        • eight months after the end of your coverage for Parts A and B; or
        • 63 days after the end of your coverage for Parts C and D.
      • General Enrollment Period – This period is for those who missed their chance to sign up for Medicare during the initial and special enrollment Periods. It starts on January 1 and ends on July 1 of the same year.
      • Open Enrollment Period – This period extends from October 15 to December 7. Aside from Medicare sign-ups, the open enrollment period also gives people the chance to switch programs and drop, join, or switch a Part D prescription drug plan.
      • Individual Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period – This period is only open to new beneficiaries with Part A and B coverage during the first three months upon enrollment. It allows them to change their plan outside of the open enrollment period.
      • Annual Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period – This period runs from January 1 to March 31 and opens additional opportunities to anyone with a Medicare Advantage plan.

Consider these periods. Choose to enroll in the one that will give you the right opportunities and enough time to prepare your requirements. Keep in mind that the beginning of your Medicare coverage depends on the date you signed up, so pick your period wisely.

  • DON’T: Expect Medicare plans to cover your dependents.

Medicare plans do not offer family coverage. Only those over aged 65 and above, as well as those who are qualified through disability, can sign up for Medicare.

Be Smart with Your Medicare Application

Whether you are signing up for a Medicare plan or disability insurance in Seattle, WA, following these pre-application dos and don’ts will surely help you get the most out of your program. Talk to a credible insurance specialist today to enhance your enrollment preparations.