Eat with Your Eyes: Creative Contract Packaging Services for Food Industry

paper food packaging

When it comes to food, customers can be very discerning. It’s not enough that a food item tastes good, it should be attractive, sustainably packaged, and the more creative, the better! Contract packaging services are making it easier than ever to apply innovative solutions to food packaging. But because most people eat with their eyes, it’s a great idea to stay ahead of the trends to keep your products flying off the shelves.

A Clear Look at Food Products

“What’s in my food?” That’s one of the biggest questions that consumers want their food packages to answer. They want to see everything in what they’re about to eat. That’s why clean and clear packaging is quickly becoming the latest global standard. This involves transparent packaging designs that make it easy to check what’s in a prepared meal or a boxed snack.

On top of that, people want transparency not only with the meal itself, but also about its nutrition information. For instance, if a company labels their product “environmentally-friendly,” then they’re expected to put exactly what makes the food sustainable on the label. This way, customers are able to make informed decisions when it comes to what they’re consuming.

Green Packaging Sells

Speaking of sustainability, customers are demonstrating a huge preference for eco-friendly food packaging. There’s a conscious shift toward green living around the world, and it’s having a huge impact on how contract packaging services execute food packaging.

Customers want to see biodegradable and recyclable food packaging along grocery aisles. They are becoming more aware of what their purchases are made of, and sustainable practices and materials have potentially big payoff. This also offers an advantage on the part of manufacturers— more often than not, sustainable packaging means using less materials, space, and resources, which can bring packaging costs down.

Controlled Portions are on the Rise

Counting calories has become a hobby for many consumers who are more mindful about their health than ever before. Portion-controlled packaging offers the perfect solution. With single-serve sizes, customers don’t have to worry about overeating anymore. It’s also easier to see the nutritional content of smaller packs, not to mention they’re more convenient and portable.

This has spurred food companies to offer their products in various packaging formats to appeal to wider consumer demographics. While single-serve packaging does come with its own challenges, it’s an exciting opportunity to get creative and explore new ways of satisfying this demand with contract packaging.

Multi-functional Packaging is In

A soup pack that turns into a bowl? What about pudding cups with built-in topping covers and spoons? Multi-functional packaging is giving consumers a fun and convenient way to enjoy their favorite foods on the go. This trend gives manufactures a lot of room to go out of the box while accomplishing more with their packaging.

Whether it’s pharmaceutical, food, or cosmetic packaging, customers now have higher expectations that drive innovations across industries like contract packaging. Companies that can adapt to these trends (and even adding some of their own!) have a greater chance of staying ahead of the competition and ultimately attracting more loyalty to their brand.