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NEW 2019 Lincoln Aviator from Lincoln Dealerships near New Orleans, LA: The Definitive Luxury Midsize SUV Has Arrived!

The NEW 2019 Lincoln Aviator from Lincoln dealerships near New Orleans, LA is the luxury vehicle that is set to make a mark. After an absence of over 10 years in the market, the Aviator brand is set to redefine the SUV scene with a touch of luxury. Learn more about this remarkable vehicle, and learn why the Aviator is the perfect companion for the high life.

A Grand Arrival

Once you glance at it, the 2019 Lincoln Aviator wastes no time in taking your breath away. Having an exterior styling that calls to mind 1940s glam, it brings a touch of luxury to the midsize SUV segment. With stunning chrome details paired with a deep-colored outer body, this SUV is the epitome of opulent strength.

2019 Lincoln Aviator

One of the notable updates to the Aviator is the front grill, which shows a reversed steel mesh, giving it a 3D-like quality. Equally impressive are the SUV’s wide glass windows from all sides. These windows allow the Aviator’s passengers to have great visibility from the inside. If anything, these physical features are highly engaging and are a preview of better things to come as we explore more of the vehicle.

Calm, Peaceful Interiors

Stepping inside the 2019 Lincoln Aviator, you are treated to a simple, yet classic layout that is evocative of the Lincoln Navigator. The interior layout’s chrome plated details contrast well with the dark-colored dashboard, putting you and your passengers in the lap of luxury. Standout details include the plush passenger seats that massage functions, and the tablet-like 10 inch touchscreen. Speaking of the touchscreen, it may incorporate an improved version of SYNC 3 technology, which features quick reactions to conversational voice commands.

Other noteworthy interior components of the 2019 Lincoln Aviator include the push button transmission shift on the dashboard, and a sliding moonroof to give an atmospheric aura to its classic interiors. These brilliant amenities help to set apart the Aviator from other luxury SUVs.

Power with a Touch of Class

The Lincoln Aviator is also set to have a twin-turbocharged engine; and it is speculated that the Navigator’s 2.7 liter V6 engine will be used. If so, the engine can manage to produce 335 horsepower and 380 lb ft of torque. But on top of the traditional engine, the Aviator will also have a plug-in hybrid system, enabling the user drive it in electric mode.

Apart from the groundbreaking hybrid engine, we can also expect intelligent all-wheel drive functionality and electric powered assisted steering (EPAS). The Aviator will also reportedly include Suspension Preview Technology, which uses a forward facing camera 8-11 yards to detect potholes and broken pavements. Should you need to pass over these impediments, adaptive suspension will be activated to maintain the smoothness of your ride.

Smart Driving Technologies and Safety Features

The 2019 Lincoln Aviator is also expected to feature the brand’s state-of-the-art driver assist technologies, rolled into a suite known as Lincoln Co-Pilot 360. The technologies included are Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keeping and Blind Spot Information.

On the safety front, it is anticipated to include a bevy of features. One is Curve Control for AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control, applying four-wheel braking to lessen speed. With regard to passive safety, it is slated to include a Safety Canopy system of airbags for outside passenger head protection, and a SOS Post Crash Alert System that activates horn and emergency flashers during airbag activation.

Experience Smooth Aviation on the Road

All in all, the 2019 Lincoln Aviator from Lincoln dealerships near New Orleans, LA is the vehicle you need to get for that balance of luxury car opulence and SUV toughness.  Subscribe to updates from the Lincoln homepage, or contact your local dealer for Aviator pre-orders and inquiries.