The Dangers of Not Making a Will in Bristol

Not making a will in Bristol is a big mistake for several reasons. While writing up a will can be a sensitive and tough task, it’s also an important way of taking care of your loved ones after you pass away. Not having a will in place makes life more complicated for those you leave behind, and here are just some of the difficulties they stand to face.


Consequences of Not Having a Will

The death of a loved one is devastating, but having your affairs in disarray after you’re gone will hurt them even more. As long as you don’t have a will, you risk subjecting your loved ones to these risks:

  • Your children may not be taken care of.

If you’re a parent, your top priority is guaranteeing the welfare of your children. This involves who will be their legal guardians after your death. Without a written will that designates your preferred guardian, the court will have ultimate say over the decision.

In numerous cases, who the court chooses is not what parents would want for their children. This can cause your children considerable suffering and have long-term repercussions. Making a will helps you ensure that your children will grow up under the guidance of the best possible people.

  • It can cause family disputes.

It happens all too often – families torn apart over inheritance disputes and other issues with a departed loved one’s legacy. Keep your family intact by writing a will as early as you can. When everyone knows who gets what from your legacy, there’s a lesser chance of arguments and bitterness among your loved ones.

  • Your beneficiaries may suffer financial hardship due to extensive legal costs.

Your will ultimately protects the interests of your loved ones. Without it, your beneficiaries may be forced to hire their own lawyer to deal with the laws of intestacy. Intestacy is a situation when a person dies without making a valid will over their estate.

Contesting the laws of intestacy and taking care of other tasks like conveyancing in Bristol can be incredibly stressful and drag on for years. In the worst cases, beneficiaries may even go bankrupt in the process. Avoid subjecting your loved ones to this struggle by making a will in advance.

  • Your significant other can be left homeless.

If you and your partner are not married, they may lose your home due to a lack of legal recourse. If you don’t have a will and you don’t have joint legal ownership over the house, then it will go to your parents, children, or relatives who may not be willing to give them the home. Save your partner from this heartache by designating them as the owner of your home after your death.

Make a Will ASAP with the Help of Bristol Lawyers

Drawing up a will while you’re still healthy and capable will help your loved ones deal with your loss without suffering more stress and pain. Consult corporate lawyers in London who have experience with wills to make this process easier for everyone involved.